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December 2013

20th  In surprise ruling, Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage deemed unconstitutional, and marriages begin 
19th  New Mexico legalises equal marriage - now 17 US States (+ Washington DC) have marriage equality 
12th  Australian High Court strikes down ACT’s equal marriage law, and nullifies marriages 
10th  UK government announces Marriage (Same-sex Couples) Act 2013 will be implemented from 29 March 2014 
7th  First gay marriages in ACT, Australia 

October 2013

22nd  Australian Capital Territory introduces equal marriage 

September 2013

27th  Judge rules for equal marriage in New Jersey, USA 
19th  Equal marriage bill introduced in Australian Capital Territory 

August 2013

27th  Judge rules equal marriage legal in New Mexico, USA 

July 2013

17th  Triumph! Equal Marriage Bill gains Royal Assent & passes into law in England & Wales 
 After 10 years (7 years since we lost our legal case) our marriage will very soon be recognised in our home country! 
15th  Equal Marriage Bill passes final hurdle in House of Lords 

June 2013

28th  Joy in California as lead plaintiffs in Prop 8 case are first to marry 
27th  Scotland's equal marriage bill launched 
26th  Two huge gains for marriage equality in the US: Supreme Court overturns the Defence of Marriage Act and restores equal marriage to California 
24th  Equality Network launch equal marriage video, 'It's Time' 
4th  House of Lords overwhelmingly rejects 'wrecking amendment' to equal marriage bill 
3rd  Sue & Celia mentioned (by Baroness Lister of Burtersett) in House of Lords debate on equal marriage bill (at 9.23 pm, see columns 1028-9) 

May 2013

21st  Equal Marriage Bill passed by House of Commons at Third Reading 
14th  Brazil: De facto equal marriage 
14th  Minnesota makes 12th US State 
7th  Delaware makes 11th US State
3rd  Congratulations to Uruguay - the 15th country
2nd  Rhode Island 10th US State to introduce equal marriage 

April 2013

25th  Northern Ireland rejects marriage equality 
23rd  France -amid protests- becomes number 14 
17th  NZ becomes first Asia-Pacific country (and 13th in the world) to introduce marriage equality 
14th  Ireland to hold referendum on equal marriage 

March 2013

18th  US support for equal marriage at all-time high, ahead of Supreme Court hearing 
1st  Obama admin asks Supreme Court to overturn California's equal marriage ban 

February 2013

21st  UK House of Commons votes overwhelmingly for marriage equality! 

December 2012

21st   Marriage Equality creeps across South America 
12th   Draft equal marriage bill launched in Scotland 
11th   UK government announces marriage equality plans: same-sex marriage to be illegal in Church of England and Church in Wales; other faith groups able to ‘opt in’ 
7th   US Supreme court to hear two equal marriage cases 

November 2012

8th   US Elections 2012: Huge Victory at the Ballot Box for Marriage Equality in Four States 
7th   French government approves equal marriage bill 

September 2012

19th   The Independent's campaign to legalise gay marriage 

June 2012

  13th  MPs likely to vote in support of equal marriage 
  12th  New YouGov poll – 71% support equal marriage 
  12th  Church of England’s response to government equal marriage consultation 
  7th  Denmark becomes 8th European country to introduce marriage equality 
  7th  Momentum builds for equal marriage in New Zealand 
  7th  NY Judge also rules DOMA unconstitutional 
  6th  New poll: 73% young Americans support marriage equality 
  6th  New marriage equality challenge launched in Ireland 
  6th  US: Marriage equality delayed by referendum in Washington State 
  5th  US: Appeals court won't rehear Californian Prop. 8 arguments 
  5th  Will California (Prop 8) or Mass (DOMA) case be first at US Supreme Court? 
  3rd  Australian celebrities launch high profile equal marriage campaign 
  3rd  US: Conservative Judaism approves equal marriage 

May 2012

  31st  DOMA ruled unconstitutional yet again - headed for US Supreme Court? 
  27th  Clegg rejects free vote on equal marriage 
  26th  US: DOMA ruled unconstitutional again 
  24th   MPs to be given a free vote on marriage equality 
  23rd  Cabinet Minister opposes marriage equality 
  23rd  Deputy PM urges Tories to hold firm on equal marriage 
  19th  Key (US) black civil rights group supports equal marriage 
  18th  M. Ayrault – the new French PM – pledges marriage equality laws 
  18th  Equal divorce precedes equal marriage in Maryland! 
  13th  Update from Scotland 
  11th  Equal marriage in Croatia? 
  9th  US President Barack Obama comes out for equal marriage! 
  8th  North Carolina becomes 30th US State with constitutional ban on marriage equality 
  8th New equal marriage video campaign launched 
  8th  Half of Americans, two-thirds of Democrats, support marriage equality 
  8th  Equal Marriage in France? 
  6th  US Vice-President ‘comfortable’ with same-sex marriage 
  3rd  Conservatives backtracking? Cameron says not 
  3rd  Evening Standard comes out for marriage equality 
  3rd  Cameron reaffirms UK government’s commitment to introducing equal marriage 

April 2012

  30th  Battle of faith groups in Scotland 
  28th  Vatican Archbishop calls for faiths to unite against marriage equality 
  26th  Row over Catholic Education Service asking school pupils to sign anti equal marriage petition 
  25th  Legal fight continues in Greece 
  25th  US support for marriage equality on the rise 
  25th  Coalition for Equal Marriage releases campaign film 
  21st  Senior Anglican clergy support equal marriage 
  8th  Damning investigation of anti equal marriage poll 
  3rd  Stonewall adverts for equal marriage on London buses 
  3rd  Advertising Standards Authority to investigate anti equal marriage ad 

March 2012

  31st  Fine Gael support equal marriage in Ireland 
  22nd  Rabbi calls for religions to be able to marry gay couples 
  15th  UK government launches equal marriage consultation 
  15th  Populus poll shows 65% of Brits support equal marriage 
   New Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral supports equal marriage 
   Critical analysis of Catholic Voices poll 
   The Times backs gay marriage 
   Catholics told to oppose marriage equality 
   Catholic Cardinal defends comparing gay marriage to legalizing slavery 
   Reform Judaism joins Liberal Judaism, Unitarians and Quakers to back marriage equality 
   Coalition for EQUAL marriage formed – sign petition here 
   Maryland makes it eight - but referendum looms 

February 2012

   California: Poll finds big increase in support for marriage equality 
   Government resists 'Christian' backlash over marriage equality plans 
   New ‘Coalition for Marriage’ is a Coalition Against Equal Marriage 
   Carey echoes Sentanu on marriage equality 
   Marriage bill vetoed in New Jersey 
   Stonewall's Valentine: A Draft Equal Marriage Bill! 
   US Momentum: Progress in Maryland and New Jersey 
   It’s now legal in Washington! 
   Washington State to become 7th in USA to offer marriage equality 
   Marriage equality in Scotland in 2013? 

January 2012

   Archbishop of York attacks British Government’s equal marriage consultation plans 

October 2011

   Gay troops begin legal challenge to DOMA in USA 
   Court upholds gay marriage in Brazil 
   Equal marriage coming to Denmark 

September 2011

   Gay marriage on the way… but not quite yet 
   Peter Tatchell's response to UK Government announcement 
   Equal marriage in Britain by 2015? 

August 2011

   American Psychological Association unanimously passes resolution supporting full marriage equality 
   Scottish Youth Parliament launches new equal marriage campaign 
   Second Native American tribe institutes equal marriage law 

July 2011

   New York State challenges constitutionality of DOMA 
   New York: the weddings begin! 
   Obama supports bill to repeal DOMA 

June 2011

   Yes - at last! - in New York 
   French Parliament rejects Equal Marriage Bill 

May 2011

  Sue and Celia spoke about marriage equality at Loughborough University, Students' Union on 31st May 2011
   USA: majority now supports marriage equality 
   USA suspends deportation of same-sex spouses 
   NY Times identifies 'tipping point' for marriage equality 

April 2011

   Leading US law firm stops defending DOMA 
   Call for William and Kate to support equal marriage 
   Progress in Scotland 
   14th April Sue & Celia speak at a symposium on Equal Marriage at The Centre for Human Rights & Public Law. Cardiff Law School 
   Will Uruguay be next? 
   First Irish civil partners call for full gay marriage rights 
   10th anniversary of equal marriage rights in The Netherlands 

March 2011

   New campaign in Brazil 

February 2011

   Obama administration stops defending DOMA 
   UK government consultation on marriage laws 
   Feb 2nd Equal Love ECHR papers filed 

January 2011

   Disappointment in France as marriage ban upheld by court 
   Maryland, NY & Rhode Island this year? 
   Marriage struggle progresses in Chile 
   Dissatisfaction with CPs in Ireland 

December 2010

   Dec 5th Anniversary of CPs - European Court case launched for Equal Love 
   Interview with Sue on BBC1's The Politics Show, 12.00, Sun 12 Dec 
   California: Live video of Prop 8 hearing attracts large audience 

November 2010

   No ECHR appeal for Austrian case 
   Texas e-marriage annulled 
   Letter from Sue & Celia in The Guardian 
   France reviews gay marriage ban 
   Inter-state e-marriage arrives in USA 
   USA: Two new challenges to DOMA 

October 2010

   Stonewall announces U-turn: will now campaign for equal marriage! 
Official launch of ‘Equal Love’ campaign:   Report      Photos      Video 
   Important new legal action for marriage & CP equality 
   Stonewall 'marriage' survey flawed 
  Stonewall row hits the mainstream media:
 Stonewall is split    A charity lagging behind public opinion 

September 2010

   Ian McKellen: 'Gay marriage has to be on Stonewall's agenda' 
   Michael Cashman 'disappointed' with Stonewall 
   Sue & Celia's correspondence with Stonewall 
   Peter Tatchell reiterates call for equal marriage 
   Report on LibDem meeting amended at Stonewall's request 
   Chief Exec of Stonewall undermines campaign for marriage equality 
   Lib Dems vote to support marriage equality 
   New campaign:'Why the Silence, Stonewall' 
   Tasmania votes to recognise overseas same-sex marriages 

August 2010

   California update: marriages on hold pending Appeal 
   Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Ban in California 
   California: Gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional 
   Domino effect in Latin America? 

July 2010

   Argentine couples wed under new gay marriage law 

June 2010

   European Court of Human Rights rules against equal marriage 
   German court deems Canadian marriage a civil partnership 
   Equal marriage in Iceland 

May 2010

   Portugal 6th European country to introduce marriage equality 

March 2010

   LibDems campaign for 'marriage without borders': sign the petition 
   Second Argentinan gay marriage apparently now revoked 
   Joy in Mexico City as marriages begin 
   Same-sex couples begin to marry in Washington DC 
   Latin America’s first gay marriage law takes effect in Mexico City 
   Second gay marriage held in Argentina 

January 2010

   Portuguese parliament votes 'yes' on equal marriage 
   No marriage equality for New Jersey, USA 
   California equal marriage trial to be broadcast on YouTube 

December 2009

   Victory for gay rights in Mexico's Catholic stronghold 
 Equal marriage in Portugal in 2010? 
 Almost there in Washington DC 
 Marriage defeat in New York 

November 2009

 Gay couple granted marriage license in Argentina 
 Straight couple challenge UK segregation 

September 2009

 Equal marriage revoked in Maine 
 Bill introduced to repeal US Defense of Marriage Act 

July 2009

 Quakers agree to hold same-sex marriages 

May 2009

 California: a setback for equality 
 Greek court annuls gay marriages 
 Maine number 5 in US! 
 Not yet complete equality in Sweden 

March 2009

 New Equal Marriage campaign launched in Scotland 
 Scottish Parliament to ask Government to amend Marriage Act 
 Scottish Parliament to hear Equal Marriage Petition on 17 March 
 Challenge to the US Federal Defense of Marriage Act 

January 2009

LGBT Network petitions Scottish Parliament for equal marriage
Canadian marriages not recognised in Sweden either

November 2008

 Marriage equality on the way in Nepal 
 California - back to the courts 
 Equal marriage bans in three more US States 
 Equal marriage rights lost in CA 

October 2008

 Gay Marriage Is Ruled Legal in CT 
 Equal marriage comes to Connecticut 

June 2008

 Both sides in marriage fight aim for mainstream 
 Hundreds of gay couples wed across California 
 California ushers in same-sex weddings 
 Anger at Anglican gay 'wedding' 

 Norway adopts gay marriage law 

May 2008

 New York to Back Same-Sex Unions From Elsewhere 
 California's top court legalizes gay marriage 
 Gay Marriage Costs Him Citizenship 

April 2008

 Australians denied gay marriage but welcome law reform 

March 2008

 Gay Marriage Gains Notice in USA State Court 

February 2008

 New York State recognises Canadian same-sex marriages 

January 2008

 Large majority of Swedes want to allow gay marriage 

December 2007

 Sweden's Biggest Church Supports Gay Marriage Bill 
 Protest for full gay civil marriage to be held in Dublin 
 UK Civil Partnerships Not Equal Study Says 

August 2007

NY recognises Canadian same-sex marriages 

June 2007

Queer Youth launches petition to Prime Minister for equal marriage
Sign (by 1st Sept) at: 
 7th New York Times  Editorial on Equal Marriage 

May 2007

Just published:  After Wilkinson v Kitzinger  - The future for same-sex marriage.

April 2007

29th  Celia & Sue are speaking at the  National Union of Students LGBT Annual Conference  in Birmingham.

December 2006

14th  Lesbian couple lose  parallel case in Ireland 

 2nd Celia and Sue at  launch of film 'Lesbian Civilisation'  Beyond TV Video Festival, Swansea (Session 3, 19.30 pm)

November 2006

24th Overseas same-sex  marriages recognised in Israel 

14th   Sandi Toksvig  supports Sue and Celia

October 2006

27th  Celia and Sue speaking at the Book Festival  York Lesbian Arts Festival  (Day 1, 11.30 am)

11th  Sue and Celia announce  appeal decision 

September 2006

30th The Independent letters  Civil Partnership is not enough 

27th The Independent letters  Not all gay people want to 'get married' 

25th Celia & Sue at launch of   Getting Hitched  a photographic exhibition in Huddersfield Art Gallery

19th The Russian gay site  Queerumir  support Sue & Celia

18th The Independent letters  Civil partnership law is homophobic 

17th  Brights pledge  exceeds target

 1st Our case is the lead story in the  Gay Humanist Quarterly  Summer 2006

August 2006

25th  The Brights  open a pledge for Sue and Celia. Deadline for signing up is 16 September

2-9th Our case is featured in media internationally.  See  Media Reports 

 1st The case is featured in many UK newspapers today. See  Media Reports 

July 2006

31st New  Liberty Press Release 

31st The case is featured on all the major UK news channels today.

31st   High Court Judgement

28th  Equal Partnership Campaign  support Celia & Sue

27th  Press for Change  support Sue & Celia

June 2006

16th  Australian Marriage Equality  supports Celia and Sue

15th  Human Rights Campaign  supports Sue and Celia

14th  British Psychological Society  Lesbian & Gay Psychology Section  supports Celia and Sue

13th  Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian and Gay Christians  support Celia and Sue

10th The Guardian  Mrs & Mrs  Interview by Stuart Jeffries

 9th BBC News  Delay in Lesbian wedding decision 

 7th We're featured in many UK news- papers today: see  media reports 

 6th The case is featured on all the major UK news channels today

 5th  British Psychological Society POWS  supports Celia & Sue

 4th  Observer Letters 

 2nd  Clarification & apology  from Evangelical Alliance

 1st  Evangelical Alliance criticised  for slur against same-sex couples

May 2006

31st  Michael Cashman MEP  supports Celia & Sue

29th  Equal Marriage Canada  supports Celia & Sue

28th  The Observer  Accept it, we're married: Lesbian couple tell judge

23rd  Claire Rayner  supports Sue & Celia

19th  National Secular Society  supports Sue Celia

16th  Green Party  supports Celia & Sue

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