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 March 2014

  21st And now Michigan!
  12th Royal assent for Scottish equal marriage legislation
  5th Illinois - marriage licences issued state-wide ahead of schedule

 February 2014

  26th Texas gay marriage ban latest to be ruled unconstitutional
  24th Uganda implements 'Anti-homosexuality Act', including criminalising gay marriage
  15th Equal marriage headed back to the US Supreme Court?
  13th No. 3 – and a southern state!
Same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional in Virginia
8th US extends federal rights of same-sex married couples

 January 2014

14th Oklahoma follows in Utah's steps!
13th Nigeria criminalises same-sex marriage
10th US Attorney General confirms that Utah same-sex marriages will be recognised at Federal level
  8th Utah marriages stayed by US Supreme Court
  6th Utah's governor puts same-sex marriages on hold

 December 2013


Utah appeals to US Supreme Court to suspend equal marriage ruling